Alerts iconEntry procedures

On a semi-submersible drilling unit, the port-aft column was opened up to allow a team to gain entry for visual inspection of an instrument on the cross-tubular section. Access to this section was via one of the ballast tanks. Since the rig was under tow at the time and had become slightly out of trim, … Continue reading “Entry procedures”

Alerts iconContainer incidents

Three separate incidents have been reported involving container double and personnel doors. A control van personnel door fell off whilst someone was trying to open it; fortunately the individual jumped clear as the heavy door fell to the ground. The hinges of the door had been broken during sea transit in severe seas and the … Continue reading “Container incidents”

Alerts iconFire

A fire occurred when paint ignited in a bulk storage area on a vessel due to welding being carried out on the main deck. The firewatcher for the area had gone off for a break whilst the welder was on his break. Welding resumed without checking that the firewatcher was in place. The contractor involved … Continue reading “Fire”

Alerts iconAnchor handling incident

An incident occurred on a vessel which was conducting an anchor handling operation. A sudden tensioning and de-tensioning of the tugger wire occurred, probably due to the vessel rising or falling on the swell. The second mate, who had run towards the tugger wire, was hit by the tensioned wire, thrown into the air, landed … Continue reading “Anchor handling incident”

Alerts iconNitrox misuse

A third party fitted the wrong regulator on a Nitrox cylinder despite the fact that the quad was fitted with plastic shields marked ‘Diving Gas’. The regulator was of a type used for inert gas flushing or pressure testing. Had the wrong regulator been attached to a 45/55 mix the consequences could have been severe. … Continue reading “Nitrox misuse”

Alerts iconObject falling from crane

An IMCA Member reported that during mobilisation a hydraulic jack dropped onto the main deck while work was being carried out on the straightener in the crane tower. The Contractor involved elected to tape off the area under the crane tower to prevent C1 personnel walking under the tower during operations.