Alerts iconLifeboat incident as a result of a suspension chain failure

A serious incident occurred during a routine lifeboat operational test, involving the lowering of a vessel lifeboat into the water. A three-man crew boarded the lifeboat, strapped themselves in, and prepared to lower the boat to the embarkation deck using the remote break release wire from within the boat. Just after the davits reached the … Continue reading “Lifeboat incident as a result of a suspension chain failure”

Alerts iconFailure of valve visual position indicator on subsea Christmas tree

During well decommissioning, problems were experienced when attempting to open two annulus swab valves on subsea trees. Several attempts were made to open the valves using diver intervention. Onshore inspection later confirmed that the visual position indicator on both valves had failed rather than the valve themselves, leading to an incorrect representation of the valve … Continue reading “Failure of valve visual position indicator on subsea Christmas tree”

Alerts iconExploding diffuser

During testing and operation of a bell blow down valve, a sintered bronze silencer/diffuser blew apart. Due to extensive fragmentation of the diffuser it has been impossible to determine the reason for this incident, but it is thought to have been caused by a build up of debris within the unit, and possible impact damage … Continue reading “Exploding diffuser”

Alerts iconDP incident

Following a recent DP incident, which occurred when alongside a fixed installation, a contractor has issued the following safety notice. There was no damage or injury to either personnel or assets. DP Operators must be aware of the blind areas which other ships or structures can present when operating on DGPS reference systems, particularly when … Continue reading “DP incident”

Alerts iconUse of a diffuser

A diver has been found to be suffering from tinnitus and ear pain. It is thought that this has been caused by using the bell emergency blow down with no diffuser in place. The contractor has issued the following instruction to its personnel: A diffuser should be installed on all pressurisation lines regardless of whether … Continue reading “Use of a diffuser”

Alerts iconCrane incident

A serious incident occurred on a fixed installation while dismantling a Unit – Mariner 3600 portable crane. Three people were seriously injured and a fourth was lost overboard and did not survive. The boom and gantry had been removed from the crane. Workers were preparing the power module section of the crane for removal after … Continue reading “Crane incident”

Alerts iconCrane wire failure

A member has alerted IMCA of a failure of a crane wire during the recovery of an ROV. As the ROV was being swung inboard by the ROV system, the crane wire snapped just as the ROV was above the platform rail causing the ROV to hit the rail and fall inboard on its side. … Continue reading “Crane wire failure”