Alerts iconFire: smoke coming from an expired line throwing cartridge kept for disposal

What happened? A fire alarm went off; the location of the fire was confirmed, and a team went for investigation.  Heavy smoke was observed coming from a spare cabin.  The incident occurred on a vessel working within 500m of a rig.  The rig was informed, the vessel stopped work and immediately left the 500m safety … Continue reading “Fire: smoke coming from an expired line throwing cartridge kept for disposal”

Alerts iconOil spill during bunkering

What happened? During bunkering operations alongside, there was a spillage of around 3 litres of fuel when the hose coupling was loosened during fault-finding.  The incident occurred when a vessel took bunkers supplied by five tanker trucks, one after the other.  The bunker hose was connected to the manifold from the first truck.  Bunkering was … Continue reading “Oil spill during bunkering”

Alerts iconTransferee stepping from gangway to staircase during rotation

What happened? During extraction of working teams from offshore wind farm turbine towers in poor weather, a transferee found himself on a gangway as it disconnected.  Weather and sea conditions deteriorated faster than was forecast; the decision was taken to extract personnel from a number of turbine towers. Three teams were safely extracted from three … Continue reading “Transferee stepping from gangway to staircase during rotation”

Alerts iconLTI: head injury

What happened? A provisions lift onboard a vessel became stuck.  The chief engineer was called to attempt a repair.  During assessment of the problem, the lift dropped whilst his head was in its path, causing a serious head injury resulting in an LTI.  He made a full recovery. What went wrong? The vessel provisions lift … Continue reading “LTI: head injury”