Alerts iconLost time injury (LTI): Incident with circular saw leads to loss of thumb

A member has reported an incident in which a crewman cut off the top of his thumb and his middle finger whilst working with a circular table top bench saw. The incident occurred when the crewman was cutting 5mm thick plywood with the circular saw in order to make shelving for other plywood pieces. The … Continue reading “Lost time injury (LTI): Incident with circular saw leads to loss of thumb”

Alerts iconConfined space – multiple fatalities

An incident has been drawn to IMCA’s attention in which one man died and two men had to be hospitalised following entry into a confined space. The incident occurred when the chief officer had decided to control the valves of the slop tanks on the following day, and required the bosun to open the access … Continue reading “Confined space – multiple fatalities”

Alerts iconPotential threat to aviation posed by Skysails

We have received two safety alerts – from CHC Helicopter and the European Organisation for Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol) – concerning a recent incident involving a Skysail, an experimental supplement to standard ship propulsion.

Alerts iconDangers of medicine abuse

A member has reported two incidents highlighting the dangers of the inappropriate use of prescribed medicine. On two different offshore vessels personnel took prescription medication that was not prescribed for them. One of the cases was thought to be life threatening and required emergency medical evacuation by helicopter. In addition to the medical risk to … Continue reading “Dangers of medicine abuse”

Alerts iconFatality: grinder incident

A member has reported a fatality which occurred during preparation of surfaces for welding. A welder was using an angle grinder for the preparation work when the disk of the grinder disintegrated. The hand-held angle grinder was fitted with a 230mm diameter cutting-off wheel, and when it disintegrated, fragments penetrated the victim’s chest and abdomen. … Continue reading “Fatality: grinder incident”

Alerts iconFire in switchboard room

A member has provide the following account of a fire which broke out in a carousel 660v switchboard room aboard one of its vessels. The purpose of the 660v switchboard room was to provide power distribution to the vessel’s carousels. As well as having a primary function as the switchboard room, the area had been … Continue reading “Fire in switchboard room”

Alerts iconLoss of a vessel

We have received the following information regarding loss of a survey vessel. This loss followed the ingress of water into the ship’s engine room. There were no injuries amongst the 29 crew members, who were safely carried to shore. Circumstances The company involved was contracted to conduct a seabed survey for a proposed pipeline and … Continue reading “Loss of a vessel”

Alerts iconSikorsky S76A+ and S76A++ helicopters

Members using Sikorsky S76A+ and S76A++ helicopters are referred to the attached safety alert, originally issued via the OGP safety zone website ( concerning engine failures resulting from faults in tachometer boxes on these aircraft and the recommended remedy.

Alerts iconFatality: Man overboard

A member has reported an incident in which a crewman was lost overboard. The incident happened during the hours of darkness. A rigger onboard a material barge was assigned to keep a watch on the workboat moored alongside the port stern of the barge. The rigger observed the workboat drifting away from the material barge … Continue reading “Fatality: Man overboard”

Alerts iconNear-miss: Loose life jackets caused man overboard (MOB) alert

A member has reported an incident in which a man overboard alert was caused on a vessel when life jackets were spotted floating in the sea. The duty officer sighting life jackets floating in the water, called the master, who then called the nearby floating production storage and offloading unit (FPSO) and asked if there … Continue reading “Near-miss: Loose life jackets caused man overboard (MOB) alert”