Alerts iconTwo battery issues – step change

What happened? UK Step Change has published two recent safety ‘moments’ relating to battery safety in two different battery chemistries – the first in a lead/acid battery, the second, in a lithium-ion battery. Incident 1: Lifeboat Battery Explosion Weekly maintenance on a lifeboat involved charging the 12V starter battery, conducting voltage checks and starting the … Continue reading “Two battery issues – step change”

Alerts iconDangers of battery charging

A member has reported the following incident which occurred on one of its vessels during normal operations. One cell of a battery used on the engine popped out, causing a small amount of acid to spill out. Nobody was in the vicinity when this incident occurred, nobody was injured and no other damage took place. … Continue reading “Dangers of battery charging”

Alerts iconLTI: Severe burn from short circuited Li-Ion battery

  What happened? A crew member suffered severe burns when a Lithium-Ion battery on his person exploded and caught fire.  The crew member was about to do the last task of the shift.  He picked up a set of keys and a spare battery for his vaporizer from the table and put them in his … Continue reading “LTI: Severe burn from short circuited Li-Ion battery”

Alerts iconPP3 9V battery explosion

A member has reported an incident in which a PP3 9-volt battery exploded. A loud bang was heard on the vessel bridge. Initially the noise was believed to be a lightbulb failing, but no trace could be found other than some debris embedded in a partition wall and a fragment which landed on a surveyor.s … Continue reading “PP3 9V battery explosion”

Alerts iconLithium battery pack explosion

A member reported an incident which there was an explosion of a lithium battery pack that was supplying power to a corrosion erosion monitor, a non-intrusive method of monitoring wall thickness of pipelines. The incident occurred during installation of a 10″ in-field flow line. As this was the first such device to be installed by … Continue reading “Lithium battery pack explosion”

Alerts iconSPHL battery charging – build-up of hydrogen

A member has reported an incident in which there was a build-up of hydrogen gas inside the cockpit of a Self-Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat (SPHL), and has submitted information to IMCA for use in a safety flash. The following points were noted: Many designs of battery charging ventilation systems consist of a forced air system from … Continue reading “SPHL battery charging – build-up of hydrogen”

Alerts iconInternal explosion within 12V forklift battery

A forklift battery was found to be flat and it was changed out with a replacement that was held onboard and tested per procedures, the forklift was also function tested and all were working satisfactorily. The following morning the pre-start up checks on the forklift were carried out, and no problems were identified. The forklift … Continue reading “Internal explosion within 12V forklift battery”

Alerts iconBattery fire

What happened? The Marine Safety Forum (MSF) reports an incident in which, during the early hours of the morning during a period of adverse weather, the fire alarm in the vessel battery locker was activated.  The crew mustered and the fire team assembled and upon investigation it was discovered that there was a small flame … Continue reading “Battery fire”

Alerts icon‘Routine’ task, non-routine result: Batteries stored sideways leak battery acid

A member has reported a near miss incident in which there was a spill of battery acid. An electrician had charged the wet cell batteries of two motion reference units (MRU), each contained in a plastic box. Once the charging was completed, the electrician closed the boxes and had to place them on the floor … Continue reading “‘Routine’ task, non-routine result: Batteries stored sideways leak battery acid”

Alerts iconLithium battery contents in eyes

The Marine Safety Forum has published the following safety flash regarding an incident in which a crewman was splashed in the eyes with material from a Lithium battery. The incident occurred offshore whilst the ship’s Electro Technical Officer (ETO) was engaged in the repair of a ship’s instant reaction electronic welders mask. The tablet style … Continue reading “Lithium battery contents in eyes”