Alerts iconHelicopter rotor downdraft hazards – Oil & Gas UK (OGUK)

Following a recent near miss incident, OGUK has drawn attention to the hazards of blown objects from helicopter downdraft, particularly where loose or inadequately secured equipment has been lifted into the air and fallen either overboard or been dropped onto a lower area of the vessel or installation. An S92A helicopter landed on a platform … Continue reading “Helicopter rotor downdraft hazards – Oil & Gas UK (OGUK)”

Alerts iconUnsecured object lifted by helicopter downwash

A member has reported an incident in which a bench cover was lifted into the air by the downwash of a helicopter coming into land on the nearby helideck. The incident occurred when the vessel received the first crew change helicopter of the day. During the final approach of helicopter, the downwash of its rotors … Continue reading “Unsecured object lifted by helicopter downwash”

Alerts iconHelideck foam sample

Further to information provided in information note , we have been provided with the following information arising from a foam sample test onboard a vessel with a helideck. The company reports that the results from a sample from the helideck foam monitor tank submitted for testing were perplexing. They stated that the foam had a … Continue reading “Helideck foam sample”

Alerts iconLost time injury (LTI): Person fell over on helideck and broke arm

The Marine Safety Forum (MSF) has published the following Safety Flash regarding an incident in which a helicopter landing officer (HLO) was thrown off his feet by turbulence from the helicopter as it landed. He fell on the helideck, breaking his arm. The immediate cause of the incident was that the HLO was not sheltering … Continue reading “Lost time injury (LTI): Person fell over on helideck and broke arm”

Alerts iconUnpublished safety incidents

IMCA has been notified of slightly more than 200 safety incidents in the 15 months since the start of 2018.  Approximately two thirds of these come from IMCA members; the remainder come from other trade bodies and regulatory organisations, including the Marine Safety Forum (MSF), the UK HSE, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and … Continue reading “Unpublished safety incidents”