Important survey on hyperbaric evacuation for IMCA saturation diving contractor members

The IMO Code of Safety for Diving Systems and IMO Resolution A.692(17) Guidelines and Specifications for Hyperbaric Evacuation Systems have not been revised since the mid-1990s. It is proposed that, in light of developments in international diving industry systems and practices, the IMO diving instruments should be re-evaluated and revised as necessary to help ensure that suitable diving systems, incorporating appropriate hyperbaric evacuation systems, are installed on all ships and floating structures engaged in saturation diving operations.

This is an excellent opportunity for IMCA’s saturation diving contractor members to influence the revisions of the IMO diving instruments. In order to assist the proposed review, IMCA would be very grateful if its saturation diving contractor members could respond to the following questions:

HES survey - November 2017

Respondent details

Reponses are requested by 20 January 2018.