Call for safety statistics for IMCA contractor members for 2017

IMCA has emailed its contractor members seeking submission of company safety statistics for 2017 to IMCA:

IMCA asks that you supply as much as possible of the information outlined below before Wednesday 28 February 2018. The information in bold is what we are looking for as a minimum. Timely reporting is more important than complete reporting; please do report what information you have available now rather than delaying. Please contact Nicholas Hough if you have any queries.

We need to ensure the publication of a comprehensive report in a timely way, in order to ensure that the data published are useful and add value to members’ operations.

The Excel spreadsheet template provided consists of four worksheets or tabs, as follows:

  1. Man-hours worked, fatalities, lost time injuries (LTIs) and their causes, medical treatment cases, first aid injuries and medical treatment cases. Please contribute data on the direct cause of lost time injuries (LTIs) together with brief notes on the causes of, and circumstances surrounding, fatalities. The Excel template includes a range of direct causes of LTIs
  2. Safety observations, management visits, and safety incidents reported to IMCA
  3. Oil spills, bunkers used, electricity consumed onshore, hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated
  4. The Guide for contributors, including information collected, and definitions

The spreadsheet automatically displays calculated figures to help check data entry. Hovering the mouse over certain key cells will provide guidance and instruction on how to fill in the spreadsheet. The template is also available for download:
Excel workbook icon IMCA member safety statistics – submission template 2017

Please provide your figures, as set out in the attached template, for the period 1 January-31 December 2017. Global Contractors (GCos) and International Contractors (ICos) should, if possible, include figures covering all of their global or international operations.

All individual returns will be kept confidential – IMCA will only publish the totals and non-attributable statistics.