COVID-19 – An example of a risk assessment undertaken by an IMCA Diving Contractor

This Information Note contains a sample of a robust risk assessment recently undertaken by an IMCA Member.

In this example, the bowtie risk assessment methodology was selected and used to help the company identify appropriate measures for preventing the occurrence of contagious disease (in this case COVID-19) on a DSV. It was also employed to identify suitable control and recovery measures should cases nevertheless occur.

Used in conjunction with the guidelines in Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Guidance for Diving Contractors (IMCA D 06/20), the Bowtie risk assessment approach was found by our Member to be one effective way of developing appropriate company procedures and safeguards to reduce the risk of COVID-19 disease on its diving projects so far as reasonably practicable.

The essential elements of the Bowtie Risk Assessment Method are shown in the diagram below:

The bowtie methodology has four underlying steps of risk assessment and risk management as shown below:

Example of COVID-19 Bowtie Risk Assessment for a Diving Project can be found in the PDF copy of the information note.