Medical examination of divers


As you may be aware the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is withdrawing from its internationally recognised scheme for the approval of non-UK based doctors to carry out annual diver medical examinations from the end of September 2001. HSE will continue and enhance their approval arrangements for doctors based in the UK.

IMCA’s Diving Division Management Committee prompted by HSE’s withdrawal from this activity, agreed that IMCA should develop guidance on the requirements for doctors to undertake such periodic examinations covering:

  • doctors’ qualifications/experience
  • equipment needs
  • key elements in the medical examination

Unfortunately, with HSE’s withdrawal from the approval of non-UK based doctors, in the absence of any suitable international alternative, it is up to each diving contractor to identify doctors with such qualifications/facilities to perform annual medical examinations on divers.  This note has been produced to assist IMCA contractor members to identify appropriately qualified doctors in their region.

Please download this information note to read the full text.