IMCA logbooks and competence records

IMCA assists its members in relation to various aspects of personnel training and competence.  Various documents have been published in relation to specific training requirements, while the competence assurance and assessment guidance provides a framework for ensuring and demonstrating competence for over fifty safety-critical positions.

Members should be aware that IMCA can supply a range of logbooks and the IMCA Record of competence to help with the recording of training, competence assessment and on-the-job experience in a variety of positions.

1 Range of logbooks

There are now nine IMCA logbooks, available to members for purchase at £11 each (plus VAT/delivery charge as applicable[1]):

  • Professional diver (black cover)
  • Diving supervisor (dark blue cover)
  • Inspection personnel (dark red cover)
  • Technician (bright red cover)
  • Life support technician (LST) (green cover)
  • Dynamic positioning (DP) operator2 (navy blue cover)
  • Crane operator (for offshore vessels) (brown cover)
  • ROV personnel (light blue cover)
  • Survey personnel (grey cover)

2 Content

Each of these incorporates the following sections:

  1. Personal details – Name, contact details and a photograph
  2. Qualifications/certificates
  3. Training record
  4. Competence assessment record
  5. Previous experience
  6. Record of work experience – ‘the log’

For certain positions, there is also space for recording medical certification, while each logbook features notes to explain any aspect which may not be clear.

3 IMCA Record of Competence

The IMCA Record of competence (IMCA C 006) contains sections for recording:

  • personal details
  • qualifications/certificates
  • training
  • competence assessment

It is not needed by those with one of the IMCA logbooks listed above, as each includes these sections.  It is instead useful for those working in other positions, for which IMCA has not published a dedicated logbook.  IMCA C 006 is available to members priced at £5 for an individual copy, £20 for ten copies or £150 for one hundred copies, subject to VAT/delivery1.

  1. VAT is charged to all UK purchasers and to all within the European Union who do not supply a valid VAT registration number.
    Delivery is included within Europe, while an additional charge of 20% is made for delivery outside Europe.
  2. DP logbooks are supplied to IMCA members for issue to certified DP operators and other key DP personnel.  Members should be aware of the guidance on logbooks set out in information note DP operator training and logbooks.