Competence & Training Committee

The committee co-ordinates work on C&T issues across IMCA, with representatives from all four technical divisions and all five regions making up the committee.

Committee Members

Steve Benziei-Tech⁷Chairman (ROV Division representative)
Gavin SmithCaledonia CompetenceVice-Chairman
Andy ButlerTechnipFMCDiving Division representative
Alan PatersonTechnipFMCMarine Division representative
Dingena Peddie-TheunisseAtlas Services GroupOffshore Survey Division representative
Simon GrayFugroOffshore Survey Division representative
Julian NelsonFugroOffshore Survey Division representative
Jamie WilsonOceaneering InternationalRemote Systems & ROV Division representative
Roland ReidSubsea 7Committee member
Derek CoulterTechnipFMCCommittee member
Steven FoongGlobal MaritimeAsia-Pacific Region representative
Lynn LehmannSaipemNorth America Region representative

From time to time, the committee forms workgroups to develop or oversee specific work items.