Freelance Competence assessment e-portfolios

The IMCA competence assessment e-portfolios have been designed so that individuals can take ownership of their own portfolio, adding evidence and completing competencies as they move from project to project or from one company to another.  The e-portfolio is intended to be a dynamic document used to record task competence pertinent to the role.

This material is now provided for Offshore Survey Division competence roles and also Remote Systems & ROV Division competence roles.  Diving and Marine roles may follow as appropriate in due course.

The e-portfolio includes:

These are developed for use by individual freelance workers, these materials can also be used by contractors and personnel agencies that require a template on which to base their own competence scheme.

There is no central registration or application process. IMCA plays no direct role in the assessment of competence or the administration or certification of these materials – this is the role of the company member.