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$post_typeAn Alternative Fuels Initiative (LNG, GTL, HVO)

Heerema Marine Contractors believes that a responsible company has an obligation to act in a sustainable manner.  This includes the minimisation of our impact on the environment, which is why we are investing in our alternative fuels initiative in order to reduce our carbon footprint and emissions. Heerema has already invested heavily in cleaner fuels … Continue reading “An Alternative Fuels Initiative (LNG, GTL, HVO)”

$post_typeCOVID-19 and returning to the workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the global economy and continues to present the marine contracting sector with some significant challenges, particularly when in association with the effects of the recent fall in the price of oil. This Information Note provides members with information intended to help them safely re-establish working arrangements … Continue reading “COVID-19 and returning to the workplace”

$post_typeOil/chemical mapping and spill risk assessment in Saipem’s fleet

What was done Saipem has performed spill risk assessments for all its construction vessels.  Through a rigorous and consistent method, the assessments assign a risk level for all equipment on-board in order to evaluate the risk and to provide an order of priority for the implementation of mitigation measures. There were three steps to the … Continue reading “Oil/chemical mapping and spill risk assessment in Saipem’s fleet”