Briefing Archive: 1997

2E&P Forum accident statistics - 1995IMCA S&L 02/97Jan 1997
7EU Directive on the Control of Major Accident Hazards Involving Dangerous Substances (Seveso II)IMCA S&L 04/97Feb 1997
11Amendment of the EC Use of Equipment DirectiveIMCA S&L 08/97Mar 1997
15EU Pressure Equipment DirectiveIMCA S&L 09/97May 1997
17Avoiding unnecessary duplication of offshore safety trainingIMCA S&L 11/97Jun 1997
20ILO Committee on Contract LabourIMCA S&L 10/97Jul 1997
21UK proposals for the implementation of the EU Management of Health and Safety at Work ‘Framework' Directive on ShipsIMCA S&L 14/97Jul 1997
24UK proposals for the implementation of the EU Amending Directive to the Use of Work Equipment Directive (95/63/EC)IMCA S&L 13/97Jul 1997
26EU working time directiveIMCA S&L 15/97Jul 1997
33EU Pressure Equipment DirectiveIMCA S&L 18/97Aug 1997
38Possible EU Instrument on PipelinesIMCA S&L 21/97Oct 1997
42UKOOA Guidelines for the Management of Offshore Helideck OperationsIMCA S&L 24/97Nov 1997