Briefing Archive: 1998

65Accident statistics for IMCA members: Report for 1996IMCA S&L 05/98Jan 1998
66Abbreviations and titles of various organisationsIMCA S&L 06/98Jan 1998
67Application of Social Chapter directives to UK industry: Works council requirementsIMCA S&L 07/98Jan 1998
68Report published on the degradation of galvanised multi-strand wire ropesIMCA S&L 08/98Jan 1998
70Implementation of the EU ‘Management of Health and Safety at Work' Framework Directive on Ships by the UKIMCA S&L 12/98Feb 1998
90Works councils on national companiesIMCA S&L 14/98Mar 1998
94ISM Code: Enforcement by EU states under port state controlIMCA S&L 21/98Apr 1998
102European accident statisticsIMCA S&L 20/98Apr 1998
104Implementation of the EU Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers DirectiveIMCA S&L 23/98May 1998
105EU working time directive: Application to the Previously ‘Excluded Sectors'IMCA S&L 24/98May 1998
106Proposed EU directive on fixed term workIMCA S&L 25/98May 1998
118Port state inspection prioritiesIMCA S&L 28/98Jul 1998
127Accident statistics for IMCA members: Report for 1997IMCA S&L 31/98Aug 1998
134EU Draft Directive: Protection of Workers in Potentially Explosive AtmospheresIMCA S&L 34/98Oct 1998
141EU working time directive: Application to the previously ‘Excluded Sectors' - Commission ProposalsIMCA S&L 35/98Nov 1998
145Step Change in Safety: Safety changes for workforceIMCA S&L 37/98Dec 1998