Briefing Archive: 1999

173EU safety initiatives - Proposed slimmed-down Physical Agents DirectiveIMCA S&L 11/99Feb 1999
179Step Change in Safety: IMCA involvementIMCA S&L 12/99Mar 1999
191Accident statistics for IMCA members: Report for 1998IMCA S&L 19/99Jun 1999
195New rules for decommissioning offshore installations and pipelinesIMCA S&L 20/99Jul 1999
203EU working time directiveIMCA S&L 22/99Jul 1999
211Fixed Term Work - European Council Directive issuedIMCA S&L 25/99Aug 1999
218EU working time directive: Seafarers Regime - application to non-EU shipsIMCA S&L 28/99Sep 1999
223Proposed EU directive on combating late paymentIMCA S&L 32/99Oct 1999
229EU funding for industry research on floating systems and sub-sea production/ processing systemsIMCA S&L 33/99Nov 1999
233UK stakeholder pensionsIMCA S&L 34/99Dec 1999
235EU working time directive: Progress reportIMCA S&L 35/99Dec 1999
241Charging for safety cases and inspection in the UKIMCA S&L 39/99Dec 1999