Briefing Archive: 2000

277Year 2000 - IMCA Steering Group close out reportIMCA S&L 10/00Mar 2000
289Revised guidance on accommodation standards on UK offshore installationsIMCA S&L 16/00Apr 2000
303IMCA position on the HSE charging regime for undertaking work on safety cases for installationsIMCA S&L 23/00Jun 2000
306Accident statistics for IMCA members: Report for 1999IMCA S&L 25/00Jun 2000
314Enforcement interfaces between the UK Health & Safety Executive, the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency and the Marine Accident Investigation BranchIMCA S&L 31/00Jul 2000
327Proposed US Coast Guard rules in relation to Letter Of Compliance for foreign flag vessels operating on the Outer Continental ShelfIMCA S&L 34/00Sep 2000
329EU working time directive: Consolidated briefIMCA S&L 36/00Sep 2000
341Working time regime on ships under STCW95 and ILO Convention 180 - Computer software to help shipping companies maintain recordsIMCA S&L 40/00Nov 2000
347UK rules for decommissioning offshore installations and pipelinesIMCA S&L 39/00Nov 2000
353SOLAS - Consolidation Edition, 2001IMCA S&L 45/00Dec 2000