Briefing Archive: 2001

366Halon phase-out: EU developmentsIMCA SEL 03/01Jan 2001
368UK health and safety responsibilities of directorsIMCA SEL 04/01Jan 2001
371Targets for improvements in health and safety in the UK offshore oil and gas industryIMCA SEL 05/01Jan 2001
379Guidelines on transfer of personnel by basket on the UK continental shelfIMCA SEL 08/01Mar 2001
388Seafarers working time: Implementation of the EU Working Time Directive and ILO Convention 180 by flag states: UKIMCA SEL 09/01Apr 2001
401Port state inspection regime for EU portsIMCA SEL 20/01May 2001
410UK Health & Safety Executive revised safety notice: Guidelines on procedures for the transfer of personnel by basketIMCA SEL 15/01May 2001
416UK oil and gas industry publishes sector's first sustainable development strategyIMCA SEL 21/01May 2001
427Accident statistics for IMCA members: Report for 2000IMCA SEL 24/01Jul 2001
439Updated EC directive on marine equipmentIMCA SEL 27/01Aug 2001
440Floating storage units (FSUs and FPSOs): Application of MARPOL 73/78 and SOLAS requirementsIMCA SEL 28/01Aug 2001
442Use of CO₂; as a replacement for HalonIMCA SEL 29/01Aug 2001
455Safe management and operation of vessels standing by offshore installations and associated survey guidelinesIMCA SEL 32/01Nov 2001
457Organo-tin compoundsIMCA SEL 34/01Nov 2001