Briefing Archive: 2002

488Proposed IMO action on offshore supply vesselsIMCA SEL 09/02Feb 2002
493Helicopter landing criteriaIMCA SEL 12/02Mar 2002
517Wreck removal conventionIMCA SEL 21/02May 2002
536IMO update: Maritime security conferenceIMCA SEL 27/02Jul 2002
539Safety statistics for IMCA members: Report for 2001IMCA SEL 28/02Jul 2002
541Anti-fouling paints (TBT): Moves by European Commission to ban useIMCA SEL 30/02Jul 2002
548US Environmental Protection Agency proposed rule for emissions limits for commercial diesel enginesIMCA SEL 32/02Aug 2002
552USA waters: New spill prevention control and countermeasure ruleIMCA SEL 34/02Aug 2002
554UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural HeritageIMCA SEL 35/02Aug 2002
562IMO update: Standard Marine Communication Phrases, 2002 editionIMCA SEL 37/02Oct 2002
560IMCA documentationIMCA SEL 36/02Oct 2002
565Wheelhouse after-control positionsIMCA SEL 39/02Nov 2002
566Definition of injury frequency ratesIMCA SEL 38/02Nov 2002
567Ships' atmospheric emissions: A European Union strategy to reduce atmospheric emissions from seagoing ships of all size and purpose operating in EU sea areasIMCA SEL 41/02Nov 2002
568EU working time directive: UK DTI consultation for inclusion of offshore workersIMCA SEL 40/02Nov 2002
569Standard contracts for the UK offshore oil and gas industryIMCA SEL 42/02Nov 2002
571IMO update: Maritime security measuresIMCA SEL 43/02Dec 2002