Briefing Archive: 2006

782Measures to counter piracy, armed robbery and other acts of violence against merchant shipping: New UK Marine Guidance NoteIMCA SEL 02/06Feb 2006
783UK sector offshore helicopter operationsIMCA SEL 03/06Mar 2006
784Training for offshore personnel in the carriage of dangerous goods (for members concerned with helideck operations in the UK sector)IMCA SEL 05/06Mar 2006
787International Labour Organization (ILO): Comprehensive new maritime labour conventionIMCA SEL 06/06Mar 2006
785Recent enforcement/testing of compliance with ship security plans under the ISPS CodeIMCA SEL 04/06Mar 2006
792SafeGulf: Implications for IMCA membersIMCA SEL 08/06Apr 2006
791Bridge design: Naut-OSV guidelinesIMCA SEL 07/06Apr 2006
796Safety statistics for IMCA members: Report for 2005IMCA SEL 12/06May 2006
794Servicing, maintenance and drills with lifeboats: Amendments to SOLASIMCA SEL 09/06May 2006
797Lifting and hoisting: OGP recommended practiceIMCA SEL 10/06May 2006
798Ship security officer (SSO) questionnaireIMCA SEL 11/06May 2006
802European directive on ship source pollution: Criminal penaltiesIMCA SEL 14/06Jun 2006
803IMO update: Report of meetings: January-May 2006IMCA SEL 15/06Jun 2006
804Carriage of noxious liquid substances: Procedures and arrangements manual templateIMCA SEL 16/06Jun 2006
805Bridge design for offshore service vessels: DNV NAUT-OSV website updatedIMCA SEL 17/06Jul 2006
807Changes to fatal accident rate in IMCA safety statistics for 2005IMCA SEL 18/06Jul 2006
808Emergency towing procedures: IMO workgroup latest draft for commentIMCA SEL 19/06Jul 2006
816Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)IMCA SEL 20/06Aug 2006
817Contracted air operations: Proposed OGP recommended practiceIMCA SEL 21/06Aug 2006
818Marine versions of LOLER and PUWER: New UK Merchant Shipping RegulationsIMCA SEL 22/06Sep 2006
819Significant changes to US coastal ballast regulationsIMCA SEL 23/06Oct 2006
821Identity card requirements: AustraliaIMCA SEL 24/06Oct 2006
822New requirement for passports on helicopters in the UK sectorIMCA SEL 25/06Oct 2006
823Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC): UpdateIMCA SEL 26/06Oct 2006
824EU maritime policy green paperIMCA SEL 27/06Oct 2006
828Malaria management programmesIMCA SEL 28/06Nov 2006
832Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB)IMCA SEL 29/06Dec 2006