Briefing Archive: 2016

1291Recent release of Guidelines on cyber security onboard shipsIMCA SEL 01/16Jan 2016
1293IMO Ballast Water Management Convention: Update on entry into forceIMCA SEL 02/16Feb 2016
1295Marine cybersecurity updateIMCA SEL 03/16Feb 2016
1308Oceans Beyond Piracy Annual Report: The state of maritime piracy 2015 - assessing the economic and human costIMCA SEL 04/16May 2016
1309New DROPS Video - IMCA SEL 039IMCA SEL 05/16May 2016
1311Security update: Maritime Trade Information Sharing Centre - Gulf of GuineaIMCA SEL 06/16May 2016
1314Safety & Environment statistics for IMCA members: Report for the period 1 January-31 December 2015IMCA SEL 07/16Jun 2016
1324Application to designate the North Sea and English Channel and the Baltic Sea ECAs as ECA NOₓIMCA SEL 08/16Aug 2016
1325Revalidating STCW certificates: New requirements for seafarersIMCA SEL 09/16Aug 2016
1326The Ballast Water Management Convention enters into force in September 2017IMCA SEL 10/16Sep 2016
1329Election results:  Safety, Environment & Legislation Core CommitteeIMCA SEL 12/16Sep 2016
1330UK Modern Slavery Act: New corporate reporting requirements-Sep 2016
1332Cyber security risk management: US Coast Guard (USCG) guidanceIMCA SEL 13/16Oct 2016
1333General security alert: Bab el Mandeb StraitsIMCA SEL 14/16Oct 2016
1340Maritime Labour Convention: New certificate requirements for shipowners-Nov 2016
1341New EU regulation regarding measuring, reporting and verification (MRV)-Nov 2016