Briefing Archive: 2018

1390Call for safety statistics for IMCA contractor members for 2017-Jan 2018
1396BOSIET/HUET/FOET changes – 26 March 2018-Feb 2018
1405Sustained load cracking in aluminium manufactured from aluminium alloys HE30/AA6082 and AA6351-Mar 2018
1407Safety statistics for IMCA contractor members: 2017-May 2018
1408IMCA engages in energy efficiency discussions at IMO-May 2018
1410Maritime Labour Convention: new amendments to the code regarding seafarers’ employment agreements-Jun 2018
1414IMCA Security Bulletin 01/18-Jul 2018
1419Public Consultation on the evaluation of the Offshore Safety Directive (2013/30/EU) is now open-Oct 2018
1420IMCA security bulletin 02/18-Oct 2018