Briefing Archive: 2019

1425Safety flashes - summary of 2018-Jan 2019
1427IMCA Security Bulletin 01/19-Jan 2019
1432Elimination of employee generated single use plastic-Mar 2019
1433IMCA Security Bulletin 02/19-Mar 2019
1434Biofuels-Apr 2019
1440Lower emissions and a stronger bottom line through data analytics-Jun 2019
1443IMCA security bulletin 03/19-Jul 2019
1445Leading key performance indicators (KPIs)IMCA SEL 01/19Jul 2019
1446Saipem eco-operations program-Aug 2019
1451Plastic Pollution Inspections-Sep 2019
1456Plastics: a briefing on biodegradability-Nov 2019
1459IMCA security bulletin 04/19-Nov 2019