HSSE Guidance and Technical Reports

The following documents are published in the ‘IMCA HSSE’ series (including former SEL or S&L documents).

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ReferencePublished TitleDateCurrent Document
IMCA SEL 001Guidelines for management of changeFeb 2017Rev. 1
IMCA SEL 003Guidance for the initial and refresher familiarisation of vessel crewsSep 2016
IMCA SEL 007Basic safety training and vessel induction for non-marine personnel working offshoreSep 2016Rev. 2
IMCA SEL 009Working at heightFeb 2005
IMCA SEL 010Guidelines for the use of environmental performance indicatorsJan 2004
IMCA SEL 013Slips, trips and finger nipsSep 2005
IMCA SEL 014Guidance on travel securityJun 2016Rev. 1
IMCA SEL 016Guidance on the investigation and reporting of incidentsOct 2016
IMCA SEL 018Guidance on security threat risk assessment proceduresDec 2016Rev. 1
IMCA SEL 019Guidelines for lifting operationsMar 2018Rev. 1
IMCA SEL 021Risk assessmentSep 2008
IMCA SEL 022Guidance on wire rope integrity management for vessels in the offshore industryAug 2016Rev. 2
IMCA HSSE 023Guidance on examination of steel wire rope through magnetic rope testing (MRT)Aug 2019Rev. 1.1
IMCA SEL 024Guidance on handling naturally occurring radioactive materialSep 2009
IMCA HSSE 025Guidance on the transfer of personnel to and from offshore vessels and structuresMay 2019Rev. 2.1
IMCA SEL 026Toolbox talksNov 2010
IMCA SEL 027Gangway securityFeb 2011
IMCA SEL 028Anti-piracy & hostage situation awarenessMay 2012
IMCA HSSE 029Mooring practice safety guidance for offshore vessels when alongside in ports and harboursMay 2018
IMCA SEL 031Offshore vessel high voltage safetyOct 2012
IMCA HSSE 032Guidance on safety in shipyardsMay 2018
IMCA HSSE 033Guidance on occupational healthOct 2019Rev. 1
IMCA SEL 034Working in confined spacesMay 2014
IMCA SEL 035Safety committee representative's handbookOct 2014
IMCA SEL 036In the line of fireNov 2014
IMCA SEL 037Security measures and emergency response guidelinesFeb 2015
IMCA SEL 038Mooring incidentsMay 2015
IMCA SEL 039Technip DROPSApr 2016
IMCA SEL 040Guidance on drug & alcohol policies and testingJun 2016
IMCA SEL 041Standardised boat landing research reportSep 2016
IMCA HSSE 042Saipem DROPS - choice not chanceAug 2018
IMCA SEL 044TechnipFMC - Hot work and fire watchDec 2019

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