HSSE Guidance and Technical Reports

The following documents are published in the ‘IMCA HSSE’ series (including former SEL or S&L documents).

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Reference Title Date Current Document
IMCA SEL 001 Guidelines for management of change Feb 2017 Rev. 1
IMCA S&L 002 Year 2000 contingency planning - Process description Apr 1999 Withdrawn
IMCA SEL 003 Guidance for the initial and refresher familiarisation of vessel crews Sep 2016
IMCA S&L 004 Environmental management standards - ISO 14,001-ISM gap analysis Jul 2000 Withdrawn
IMCA S&L 005 Application of UK safety case legislation to specialist vessels - Well servicing Oct 2000 Withdrawn
IMCA S&L 006 Halon and the alternative fire suppression gases Nov 2000 Withdrawn
IMCA SEL 007 Basic safety training and vessel induction for non-marine personnel working offshore Sep 2016 Rev. 2
IMCA SEL 008 Guidance on drug and alcohol policies: The collection of samples Apr 2003 Guidance on drug & alcohol policies and testing
IMCA SEL 009 Working at height Feb 2005
IMCA SEL 010 Guidelines for the use of environmental performance indicators Jan 2004
IMCA SEL 011 Guidance on drug and alcohol policies: Breath testing Feb 2004 Guidance on drug & alcohol policies and testing
IMCA SEL 012 Guidance on the management of life cycle maintenance of non-man riding wire ropes Dec 2004 Guidance on wire rope integrity management for vessels in the offshore industry
IMCA SEL 013 Slips, trips and finger nips Sep 2005
IMCA SEL 014 Guidance on travel security Jun 2016 Rev. 1
IMCA SEL 015 Verification of third-party security personnel Nov 2006 Withdrawn
IMCA SEL 016 Guidance on the investigation and reporting of incidents Oct 2016
IMCA SEL 017 Introduction to the International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (the ISPS Code) Jan 2007 Withdrawn
IMCA SEL 018 Guidance on security threat risk assessment procedures Dec 2016 Rev. 1
IMCA SEL 019 Guidelines for lifting operations Mar 2018 Rev. 1
IMCA SEL 020 Operational communications: 2 - Lifting operations Apr 2008 Guidance on operational communications
IMCA SEL 021 Risk assessment Sep 2008
IMCA SEL 022 Guidance on wire rope integrity management for vessels in the offshore industry Aug 2016 Rev. 2
IMCA HSSE 023 Guidance on examination of steel wire rope through magnetic rope testing (MRT) Aug 2019 Rev. 1.1
IMCA SEL 024 Guidance on handling naturally occurring radioactive material Sep 2009
IMCA HSSE 025 Guidance on the transfer of personnel to and from offshore vessels and structures May 2019 Rev. 2.1
IMCA SEL 026 Toolbox talks Nov 2010
IMCA SEL 027 Gangway security Feb 2011
IMCA SEL 028 Anti-piracy & hostage situation awareness May 2012
IMCA HSSE 029 Mooring practice safety guidance for offshore vessels when alongside in ports and harbours May 2018
IMCA SEL 030 Safe lifting Apr 2013 Withdrawn
IMCA SEL 031 Offshore vessel high voltage safety Oct 2012
IMCA HSSE 032 Guidance on safety in shipyards May 2018
IMCA HSSE 033 Guidance on occupational health Oct 2019 Rev. 1
IMCA SEL 034 Working in confined spaces May 2014
IMCA SEL 035 Safety committee representative's handbook Oct 2014
IMCA SEL 036 In the line of fire Nov 2014
IMCA SEL 037 Security measures and emergency response guidelines Feb 2015
IMCA SEL 038 Mooring incidents May 2015
IMCA SEL 039 Technip DROPS Apr 2016
IMCA SEL 040 Guidance on drug & alcohol policies and testing Jun 2016
IMCA SEL 041 Standardised boat landing research report Sep 2016
IMCA HSSE 042 Saipem DROPS - choice not chance Aug 2018
IMCA HSSE 043 DROPS Mar 2019
IMCA HSSE 044 TechnipFMC - Hot work and fire watch Dec 2019

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