Security Publications

Following is a filtered list of IMCA publications related to security.

Reference Title Date Current Document
IMCA SEL 028 Anti-piracy & hostage situation awareness May 2012
IMCA SEL 027 Gangway security Feb 2011
IMCA M 236 Guidance on security threat risk assessment procedures Dec 2016 Rev. 1
IMCA SEL 014 Guidance on travel security Jun 2020 Rev. 1.1
IMCA M 163 Guidelines for the quality assurance and quality control of software Sep 2016 Rev. 1
IMCA SEL 017 Introduction to the International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (the ISPS Code) Jan 2007 Withdrawn
IMCA SPC 013 Personal security Jun 2006 Personal security
IMCA SPP 006 Personal security Jul 2009
IMCA M 226 Security measures and emergency response guidelines Feb 2015
IMCA SEL 015 Verification of third-party security personnel Nov 2006 Withdrawn
IMCA SPP 005 Vessel security Sep 2008

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