Briefing Archive: 2009

940Results of the IMCA Member Satisfaction Survey 2008IMCA D 02/09Jan 2009
942Member feedback sought on incidence of decompression illnessIMCA D 03/09Feb 2009
944Maintenance of diving bell hoist ropes: Withdrawal of UK HSE Diving Information Sheet DIS 6 in light of IMCA guidanceIMCA D 05/09Mar 2009
945Update on global navigation satellite systemsIMCA D 04/09Mar 2009
951Medical examination of divers: Asia-Pacific initiativeIMCA D 07/09Apr 2009
956Diving supervisor certification - mutual recognition agreementsIMCA D 08/09May 2009
959Diving Contractor Membership - Auditing, responsibilities and member directory listingIMCA D 10/09Jun 2009
969Medical examination of divers: Italy initiativeIMCA D 11/09Aug 2009
975Diving From, On or in Close Proximity to Merchant Vessels - Protocol for Isolating Machinery Systems: New Industry Guidance PublishedIMCA D 13/09Sep 2009
978OGP Diving Recommended PracticeIMCA D 14/09Oct 2009