Briefing Archive: 2015

1253Opportunities for trainee bell diving supervisors to gain panel time as trainee air diving supervisorsIMCA D 02/15Jan 2015
1257The fitting of isolation valves and diffusers to trunkings on saturation diving systemsIMCA D 04/15Jan 2015
1261UK HSE Clarification of Certain Revised Offshore Diving ACoP Requirements-Feb 2015
1272Minor revision of IMCA D 022 - Guidance for diving supervisorsIMCA D 08/15May 2015
1271Recent release of BS EN 12021:2014 Respiratory Equipment - Compressed Gases for Breathing ApparatusIMCA D 07/15May 2015
1282World-wide Diving Personnel Statistics for IMCA Members: Statistics for 2013IMCA D 10/15Nov 2015
1289Diver and supervisor certification requirements for working in Dutch waters: New assessment centreIMCA D 11/15Dec 2015
1331Medical examination of divers: Middle East & India initiativeIMCA D 12/15Dec 2015
1288Fitness for purpose of closed bell diver emergency recovery hoistsIMCA D 14/15Dec 2015
1287JFD Divex issues a notice of false training certificates for Kirby Morgan equipment maintenanceIMCA D 13/15Dec 2015