Briefing Archive: 2016

1290Updated edition of NORSOK U-100IMCA D 01/16Jan 2016
1292Newfoundland bell diver certificatesIMCA D 02/16Feb 2016
1302Medical examination of divers: Central & North America initiativeIMCA D 06/16Mar 2016
1300Life support packagesIMCA D 04/16Mar 2016
1305Forged IMCA diving supervisor's certificateIMCA D 07/16Apr 2016
1306Hyperbaric evacuation - Introductory videosIMCA D 08/16Apr 2016
1307Updated IMCA guidance on the testing of diving bell/basket hoist wire ropesIMCA D 09/16Apr 2016
1310Withdrawal of AODC 034 – Diving when there is poor surface visibilityIMCA D 10/16May 2016
1315DMAC 04 Rev. 2 - Oxygen content in open circuit bail-out bottles for heliox saturation diving - reissuedIMCA D 11/16Jun 2016
1317NDC-CI reappointed as the issuing authority for diver and supervisor certification for those working in Dutch watersIMCA D 12/16Jul 2016
1323Diving publications updateIMCA D 13/16Aug 2016
1334Recommended service life for Kirby Morgan helmet fiberglass shells, frames and yokesIMCA D 14/16Oct 2016
1340Maritime Labour Convention: New certificate requirements for shipowners-Nov 2016
1342Proceedings of IMCA Diving Seminar, Aberdeen, UK – 9-10 November 2016IMCA D 15/16Nov 2016