Diving Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC)

DMAC is an independent committee comprising diving medical specialists from around the world, providing advice on medical and certain safety aspects of commercial diving.

The committee comprises doctors involved in the practice of diving medicine, representatives of relevant health authorities, medical representatives from certain navy doctors and a diving manager nominated by IMCA. DMAC members receive no payment for their time or contributions to committee proceedings – their work is entirely voluntary.

DMAC normally meets twice a year. The committee’s agenda includes business items identified by members of the committee and items referred to it by any part of the industry and/or regulatory authorities.  IMCA provides secretariat services to the committee but, while IMCA is represented, DMAC is an independent organisation.

Diving-Specific Medical Guidance

DMAC has produced a series of guidance notes and statements concerning various aspects of diving and diving medical practice, each of which is available for free download from DMAC’s website – http://www.dmac-diving.org/.

Courses in Diving Medicine

DMAC has also established a scheme for approval of courses in diving medicine, working together with the EDTC Medical Subcommittee (EDTCmed).

Two levels of approval are available:

  • Level 1 – Medical assessment of divers (Medical Examiner of Divers)
  • Level 2D – Medical management of diving accidents and illnesses (Diving Medical Physician)

DMAC/EDTCmed only approves courses and not the competence of those who have attended them. Further, it is restated that IMCA itself does not approve individual doctors to undertake diving medicals (see our page on diver medicals).

Full details on this scheme, including the list of currently recognised establishments, can be found on the DMAC website at www.dmac-diving.org/courses.