Diving Personnel

IMCA is highly active on diving personnel issues, where a highly trained, skilled and competent workforce is of the utmost importance in ensuring safe operations.

Competence Assurance & Assessment

As part of the wider IMCA competence framework, IMCA guidance helps diving contractors ensure and demonstrate the competence of their personnel working offshore in safety-critical positions.

Training and Certification

IMCA publishes a variety of guidance documents on diving-related training, to help ensure diving contractors can recruit, train and retain the skilled people they need. Our direct role in training and certification, however, is restricted to a small number of positions, as detailed below:

  • Divers
    • Diver training – IMCA guidance recognises selected initial diver training certificates for areas not already covered by regulatory restrictions
    • Diver medicals – IMCA provides guidance on medical examination and certification (but does not approve doctors)
  • Diving Supervisors – IMCA runs a scheme including approval of training courses and certification of qualified diving supervisors
  • Life Support Technicians – IMCA runs a scheme including approval of training courses and certification of qualified life support technicians
  • Diver Medics – IMCA runs a scheme including recognition of training providers (but does not approval individual medics)
  • Diving Doctors – IMCA does not approve doctors and refers to the independent DMAC scheme for approval of training courses in diving medicine.
  • Dive Technicians – IMCA has published guidance on technician competence and training (but does not approve or certify training or individuals).

Information on obtaining IMCA approval/recognition for courses is available in our summary for diving-related training establishments.