Competence Assurance and Assessment in the Diving Sector

IMCA guidance helps diving contractors ensure and demonstrate the competence of their personnel working offshore in safety-critical positions, as part of the wider IMCA competence assurance and assessment framework.

The guidance covers the following a number of offshore diving positions including:

  • Diving superintendent
  • Bell diving supervisor
  • Air diving supervisor
  • Bell (saturation) diver
  • Air (surface) diver
  • Life support supervisor
  • Life support technician
  • Assistant life support technician
  • Tender
  • Senior dive technician
  • Senior dive technician (surface supplied only)
  • Dive technician
  • Diver medic.

For each position, entry level qualifications and acceptance criteria are listed. For example, the entry level qualifications for a tender are an offshore medical and an offshore survival course (both suitable for the geographical area of work) and employer company familiarisation.

Competence assessment includes a summary of the knowledge required, a way to demonstrate competence, and acceptance criteria.