Diver Medic Training & Certification

A diver medic is a member of the dive team who is trained in advanced first aid (as opposed to a diving doctor). IMCA audits and approves diver medic training courses to assist members in the absence of any existing international scheme.

Approval of training courses

IMCA-recognised training courses are audited in accordance with the IMCA scheme for recognition of diver medic training: Guidance for training establishments.

Recognition is available four courses based anywhere in the world which can satisfy the requirements of the scheme and provided there is a business requirement from our membership for a course in the region.

Validity of training certificates

As part of the approval scheme, IMCA defines acceptance criteria for individuals to be able to sit initial and refresher courses.

Training establishments offering IMCA-approved diver medic training courses issue certificates which are valid for a two-year period. ‘Renewal’ is required as follows:

  •  Within the final three months of validity, on completion of a refresher course, the validity date of the new certificate will run for a further two years from the expiry date of the old certificate;
  • For up to eight weeks after the expiry of a certificate, on completion of a refresher course, the validity date of the new certificate will run for a further two years from the expiry date of the old certificate. The additional eight weeks allow for unforeseen circumstances that prevent a refresher course being undertaken during the final three months of a certificate’s validity. It is not recommended that individuals plan in advance to undertake the refresher course during this period;
  • After eight weeks following expiry of a certificate, the full course should be undertaken again. Note: This period cannot be extended.

Individuals unable to undertake a refresher course within the validity period of their old certificate will need to check with their employing contractor and, where appropriate, with the relevant national authority to check on the acceptability of working as a diver medic without a valid in-date certificate.

Comparable courses

  • Australia – The Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS) accredits diver medic courses and has confirmed that ADAS-accredited courses meet the IMCA syllabus. Such courses should, therefore, be considered to provide an appropriate level of training.
  • Netherlands – The Netherlands Diving Centre offers two levels of ‘Medical Aspects of Diving’ qualification – MAD-A and MAD-B – which are approved by the Dutch State Supervision of Mines. The MAD-B qualification is considered to provide an appropriate level of training for an individual to act as a diver medic.
  • USA – IMCA recognises diver medic technician certification issued by the National Board of Diver and Hyperbaric Medical Technicians (NBDHMT).

Training resources

A selection of videos for refresher training of diver medic technicians has kindly been provided by Helix Well Ops and Abermed, which can be found in the IMCA YouTube channel under ‘Playlists’