Diving Supervisor Training & Certification

IMCA runs a certification scheme for offshore air and bell diving supervisors, as set out in IMCA offshore diving supervisor and life support technician certification schemes .

Those meeting entry criteria (such as holding a recognised diver training certificate), first undergo IMCA-approved training in the relevant category:

Then, after gaining the required, logged experience at trainee/assistant level, candidates can be put forward by IMCA diving contractor members to sit the relevant IMCA examinations:

Comparable Certificates

IMCA has entered into recognition agreements which mean that the following certificates are recognised as being appropriate for diving supervisors for the purposes of compliance with IMCA guidance:

  • ADAS offshore diving supervisor
  • DCBC offshore diving supervisor
  • NDC supervisor (for those working in Dutch waters only).

Full details are set out in Diver and diving supervisor certification and Diving supervisor certification - mutual recognition agreements.

To check the validity of these and other diving certificates, see Verification of diver qualifications.