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$post_typeGPS Systems: Warning of Interference

The United States Department of Transportation Maritime Administration (MARAD) has issued revised advisory notice 2020-016-Various-GPS Interference on multiple instances of significant GPS interference that have been reported worldwide. This interference is resulting in lost or inaccurate GPS signals affecting vessel navigation, GPS-based timing, and communications equipment. Satellite communications equipment may also be impacted. Over the … Continue reading “GPS Systems: Warning of Interference”

$post_typeIMCA clarification of test requirements for DP annual trials programmes

IMCA has become aware that some vessel owner/operators are undertaking a fixed percentage of an overall trials programme per year on the basis that over 5 years the full programme has been completed. This is not in compliance with IMO and IMCA guidelines Guidance for developing and conducting DP annual trials programmes (IMCA M 190). … Continue reading “IMCA clarification of test requirements for DP annual trials programmes”