Briefing Archive: 2000

271Helicopter operations (Heliops) design guideIMCA M 10/00Mar 2000
277Year 2000 - IMCA Steering Group close out reportIMCA M 12/00Mar 2000
294Proposed changes to US Coast Guard rules on outer continental shelf activitiesIMCA M 18/00May 2000
292Sea service on DP MODUsIMCA M 16/00May 2000
302Withdrawal of IMCA M 140 - Specification for DP Capability PlotsIMCA M 23/00Jun 2000
312Charge for waste disposal at EU portsIMCA M 26/00Jul 2000
313DGPS - US Government commitmentIMCA M 27/00Jul 2000
338Proposed revised EU Directive on Ship Inspections and Classification AuthoritiesIMCA M 33/00Nov 2000
337Diving within anchor patternsIMCA M 39/00Nov 2000
342Platform removal - North Sea Decommissioning Group (NSDG)IMCA M 34/00Nov 2000
347UK rules for decommissioning offshore installations and pipelinesIMCA M 37/00Nov 2000
353SOLAS - Consolidation Edition, 2001IMCA M 43/00Dec 2000