Briefing Archive: 2001

366Halon phase-out: EU developmentsIMCA M 03/01Jan 2001
370New and amended standards for navigational equipmentIMCA M 05/01Jan 2001
387Objectives for 2001IMCA M 10/01Apr 2001
391WMO voluntary observing ships schemeIMCA M 11/01Apr 2001
401Port state inspection regime for EU portsIMCA M 17/01May 2001
420Lifeboat incident surveyIMCA M 20/01Jun 2001
426Periodic DP checklistsIMCA M 22/01Jul 2001
436Station keeping gets safer - Hart's E&P articleIMCA M 25/01Aug 2001
438Vessel blackout exerciseIMCA M 26/01Aug 2001
439Updated EC directive on marine equipmentIMCA M 27/01Aug 2001
440Floating storage units (FSUs and FPSOs): Application of MARPOL 73/78 and SOLAS requirementsIMCA M 28/01Aug 2001
441Simplification of ships' classificationIMCA M 29/01Aug 2001
442Use of CO₂; as a replacement for HalonIMCA M 30/01Aug 2001
446Guidance on phased implementation of the IMCA Competence Assurance & Assessment Scheme for safety-critical positionsIMCA M 31/01Sep 2001
449ROV services: Key commercial issues: Agreed IMCA positionIMCA M 32/01Oct 2001
451QA/QC for softwareIMCA M 33/01Nov 2001
455Safe management and operation of vessels standing by offshore installations and associated survey guidelinesIMCA M 36/01Nov 2001
456Automatic identification systems (AIS)IMCA M 37/01Nov 2001
457Organo-tin compoundsIMCA M 38/01Nov 2001
460Cable standards: Core identificationIMCA M 39/01Dec 2001
462Helicopter landing criteriaIMCA M 41/01Dec 2001