Briefing Archive: 2002

473Voyage data recorders (VDR)IMCA M 03/02Jan 2002
478Amendments to the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972IMCA M 07/02Feb 2002
479Guidance on phased implementation of the IMCA Competence Assurance & Assessment Scheme for safety-critical marine positions: Phase 2IMCA M 09/02Feb 2002
488Proposed IMO action on offshore supply vesselsIMCA M 11/02Feb 2002
491Maritime requirements for future global navigation satellite systems (GNSS)IMCA M 10/02Feb 2002
493Helicopter landing criteriaIMCA M 15/02Mar 2002
515Guidelines for installation of shipborne automatic identification systems (AIS)IMCA M 21/02May 2002
517Wreck removal conventionIMCA M 23/02May 2002
519Enhanced performance standard for GPSIMCA M 22/02May 2002
526Floating production systems: A briefing paper from OGPIMCA M 27/02Jun 2002
535Competence assurance and assessment: Additional Marine positions: Electrician and Electrical Technical Officer (ETO)/ Electronic Radio Operator (ERO)/Instrument TechnicianIMCA M 29/02Jul 2002
536IMO update: Maritime security conferenceIMCA M 30/02Jul 2002
538Application of MARPOL 73/78 and SOLAS to FPSOs and FSUsIMCA M 31/02Jul 2002
541Anti-fouling paints (TBT): Moves by European Commission to ban useIMCA M 32/02Jul 2002
542Automatic identification systems (AIS)IMCA M 33/02Jul 2002
543Emergency towing systems (ETS)IMCA M 34/02Jul 2002
547UK sector offshore helideck inspectionsIMCA M 35/02Aug 2002
549Recommendations for ships' fittings for use with tugsIMCA M 36/02Aug 2002
551Interim guidelines for the presentation and display of AIS target informationIMCA M 37/02Aug 2002
555Voyage data recorders (VDR)IMCA M 39/02Aug 2002
561IMO update: Standard Communication Phrases, 2002 editionIMCA M 42/02Oct 2002
560IMCA documentationIMCA M 40/02Oct 2002
565Wheelhouse after-control positionsIMCA M 43/02Nov 2002
567Ships' atmospheric emissions: A European Union strategy to reduce atmospheric emissions from seagoing ships of all size and purpose operating in EU sea areasIMCA M 44/02Nov 2002
571IMO update: Maritime security measuresIMCA M 45/02Dec 2002