Briefing Archive: 2005

719Helidecks and helicopter operations: Proposed amendments to CAP 437 (UK)IMCA M 02/05Jan 2005
720Correction to European crane standardIMCA M 03/05Jan 2005
721Species transfer through ballast waterIMCA M 04/05Jan 2005
727Sikorsky S-76 accident and resultant changes to UKOOA Guidelines for the Management of Helideck OperationsIMCA M 06/05Mar 2005
728IMO updateIMCA M 07/05Mar 2005
733Lloyd's DP performance capability rating (PCR)IMCA M 14/05Apr 2005
734Emergency towing proceduresIMCA M 10/05Apr 2005
735IMO updateIMCA M 11/05Apr 2005
744Future changes to helideck lighting (North Sea)IMCA M 15/05May 2005
748Proposed Aberdeen offshore wind farmIMCA M 17/05Jul 2005
751Safety in lifeboat drillsIMCA M 18/05Jul 2005
752IMO update: Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 80)IMCA M 19/05Aug 2005
755IMO update: Subcommittee on Safety of Navigation (NAV 51)IMCA M 20/05Aug 2005
756IMO update: Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 53)IMCA M 21/05Aug 2005
757Changes to IMO OSV guidelinesIMCA M 23/05Aug 2005
758UK helicopter operations: Change of standards for passenger weightsIMCA M 24/05Aug 2005
759Code of practice for the safe use of cranes: Draft British standardIMCA M 25/05Aug 2005
761ISM Code compliance: New US Coast Guard guidance for inspectorsIMCA M 27/05Sep 2005
762UK sector offshore helicopter operations: New 'Guidance on Standards' CAP 437 publishedIMCA M 28/05Sep 2005
764UK HSE Revitalising Health & Safety initiative: KP2 - Drilling and deck operation related activitiesIMCA M 29/05Sep 2005
769Emergency towing proceduresIMCA M 32/05Oct 2005
768Lifting operations incident formsIMCA M 31/05Oct 2005
770Bridge design: Naut-OSV guidelinesIMCA M 33/05Oct 2005
771Exposure to noise and vibration at work: MCA consultation on proposed UK regulationsIMCA M 34/05Oct 2005
781DP incident reporting: Revision of reporting categories and reporting formIMCA M 36/05Dec 2005