Briefing Archive: 2008

891Emission standards for marine diesel engines on oceangoing vesselsIMCA M 03/08Jan 2008
892Code of Safety for Special Purpose ShipsIMCA M 04/08Jan 2008
895Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC): Update 3: Eligibility for Foreign NationalsIMCA M 05/08Feb 2008
896International Maritime Organization Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Equipment - 51st SessionIMCA M 06/08Feb 2008
898Completion of the Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID)IMCA M 07/08Mar 2008
899Aviation security - passport requirement in the UK sectorIMCA M 08/08Mar 2008
900New logbooks for offshore managers and offshore engineersIMCA M 09/08Mar 2008
901Helideck perimeter safety nets - new guidance for the UK sectorIMCA M 10/08Apr 2008
902IMO Code of Safety for Special Purpose ShipsIMCA M 11/08Apr 2008
907Proposed IMCA Guidance on the design, selection, installation and use of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) onboard vesselsIMCA M 12/08May 2008
916Helicopter operationsIMCA M 13/08Jul 2008
917Incidents where external factors affected DPIMCA M 14/08Jul 2008
923Long range identification and tracking (LRIT)IMCA M 17/08Sep 2008
924Special Purpose Ships Code - draft UK marine guidance noteIMCA M 18/08Oct 2008
925Minimum standard of competence for officers in charge of a navigation watch on an offshore supply vesselIMCA M 19/08Oct 2008