Briefing Archive: 2009

939Concerns about programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in marine operations - note to senior managementIMCA M 02/09Jan 2009
940Results of the IMCA Member Satisfaction Survey 2008IMCA M 03/09Jan 2009
943Offshore helicopter landing areas - guidance on standards: UK Sector - Revision of CAP 437IMCA M 05/09Feb 2009
944Maintenance of diving bell hoist ropes: Withdrawal of UK HSE Diving Information Sheet DIS 6 in light of IMCA guidanceIMCA M 06/09Mar 2009
945Update on global navigation satellite systemsIMCA M 07/09Mar 2009
947International Maritime Organization Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Equipment - 52nd SessionIMCA M 08/09Mar 2009
949North West Europe Helicopter Accidents - Industry Group FormedIMCA M 10/09Apr 2009
952Latest advice regarding pirate attacks off the coast of SomaliaIMCA M 11/09Apr 2009
954Global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver interferenceIMCA M 12/09Apr 2009
958DP Training Executive GroupIMCA M 14/09May 2009
962Proposed guidance on risk assessment of software and programmable logic controller (PLC) systemsIMCA M 15/09Jun 2009
963International Maritime Organization Report of Maritime Safety Committee - 86th SessionIMCA M 16/09Jun 2009
964IMO update: Marine Environment Protection Committee: 59th session - July 2009IMCA M 17/09Jul 2009
966Proposed IMCA Submission to IMO Regarding the SPS CodeIMCA M 18/09Jul 2009
968IMO STCW Review Summary - Feedback InvitedIMCA M 19/09Jul 2009
970Control of sub-contractors onboardIMCA M 20/09Sep 2009
971NWEA Guidelines for the Safe Management of Offshore Supply and Rig Move OperationsIMCA M 21/09Sep 2009
973Winch Drum DesignIMCA M 23/09Sep 2009
976Inclusion of drilling brines in IMO IBC CodeIMCA M 24/09Oct 2009
979Ensuring the wearing of immersion suits in helicopter evacuation or escape to seaIMCA M 26/09Oct 2009
980IMCA Submission to IMO Regarding the SPS Code: Feedback InvitedIMCA M 27/09Oct 2009
981Unintended consequences of IMO cargo blending ban: Member feedback invitedIMCA M 28/09Nov 2009
985Review of IMO Recommendations for Entering Enclosed Spaces aboard Ships: Feedback RequiredIMCA M 30/09Dec 2009
986IMO proposals for new electro-technical competences: Feedback invitedIMCA M 31/09Dec 2009
987IMO STCW review update: Feedback invitedIMCA M 32/09Dec 2009