Briefing Archive: 2010

995Further Guidance for Registering and Using the CMID Database and e-CMIDIMCA M 03/10Jan 2010
996Oil & Gas UK Statement on the Phased Reintroduction of Personal Locator BeaconsIMCA M 02/10Jan 2010
997IMCA IMO SPS Code Submission - Next StepsIMCA M 04/10Jan 2010
998Special Purpose Ships - DNV Class NotationIMCA M 05/10Jan 2010
999IMO Cargo Blending Ban - Further Details: Member Feedback InvitedIMCA M 06/10Feb 2010
1000UK Sector Helicopter Flights - Personal Locator BeaconsIMCA M 07/10Feb 2010
1003Offshore Vessels and the 2008 Special Purpose Ships (SPS) Code - Update on IMO DiscussionsIMCA M 08/10Mar 2010
1004International Maritime Organization: Report of Sub-Committee on Standards of Training and Watchkeeping - 41st SessionIMCA M 09/10Mar 2010
1006Oil & Gas UK Emergency Locator Beacon GuidanceIMCA M 11/10Mar 2010
1007IMO Update: Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 60)IMCA M 12/10Mar 2010
1005Standard Measuring Equipment for Helideck Monitoring System (HMS) and Weather DataIMCA M 10/10Mar 2010
1009Review of IMO Tonnage Measurement Convention: Feedback RequiredIMCA M 13/10Apr 2010
1010International Maritime Organization - Report of Meetings January-April 2010: Feedback requiredIMCA M 14/10May 2010
1013New IMO Energy Efficiency Requirements for Ships: Feedback RequiredIMCA M 16/10Jun 2010
1015ISM Code Amendments - 1 July 2010IMCA M 17/10Jun 2010
1021Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) DatabaseIMCA M 19/10Jul 2010
1026Draft for Issue 6 of the United Kingdom Offshore Operations Association (UKOOA) Guidelines for Management of Offshore Helideck OperationsIMCA M 21/10Jul 2010
1029Draft Submission on IMO Cargo Blending BanIMCA M 22/10Aug 2010
1036IMO Review of Noise Limits on Board Ships - Feedback RequiredIMCA M 24/10Nov 2010
1039New Port State Control Inspection Regime for Paris MoUIMCA M 25/10Dec 2010