Briefing Archive: 2011

1041IMO review of LHNS Guidelines (A.673) and development of new IMO OSV Chemical Code - feedback requiredIMCA M 02/11Jan 2011
1050International Maritime Organization: Report of meetings May-December 2010IMCA M 04/11Feb 2011
1054The Nautical Institute dynamic positioning operator certificatesIMCA M 07/11Mar 2011
1058DP Issues Contained within the USCG Report into the Loss of the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) Deepwater HorizonIMCA M 08/11May 2011
1064The solar cycle maximum and its effect on DP station keepingIMCA M 09/11Jun 2011
1065Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) vulnerability - A report from the UK Royal Academy of EngineersIMCA M 10/11Jul 2011
1073AuditIMCA M 13/11Aug 2011
1075MAIB accident report into the incident involving the DP vessel 'SBS Typhoon'IMCA M 15/11Aug 2011
1076Best management practices for protection against Somalia based piracyIMCA M 16/11Aug 2011
1078The Nautical Institute Dynamic Positioning Operator CertificatesIMCA M 17/11Aug 2011
1080Dynamic Positioning System FailureIMCA M 19/11Sep 2011
1081Lifeboat hooks - new design requirements and industry guidanceIMCA M 20/11Oct 2011
1082Heightened ionospheric activity in equatorial/polar regionsIMCA M 21/11Nov 2011
1085Feedback required: Revised stability provisions for towing, anchor handling and stern lifting operationsIMCA M 22/11Nov 2011
1086Marine Technology Society (MTS) DP Committee guidanceIMCA M 23/11Dec 2011
1087The Nautical Institute Dynamic Positioning Training Executive Group (DPTEG)IMCA M 24/11Dec 2011