Briefing Archive: 2012

1095The Nautical Institute Dynamic Positioning Operator Training SchemeIMCA M 02/12Jan 2012
1097The Nautical Institute Dynamic Positioning Operator Training SchemeIMCA M 03/12Feb 2012
1098The Nautical Institute Dynamic Positioning Operator's CertificateIMCA M 04/12Feb 2012
1099IMCA Marine Division documentsIMCA M 05/12Feb 2012
1100USCG reporting requirements - failure of critical systemsIMCA M 06/12Mar 2012
1101DNV JIP - recommended practice for cranes and lifting appliances intended for subsea lifting operationsIMCA M 07/12Mar 2012
1102Development of IMO OSV Chemical Code: Feedback RequiredIMCA M 08/12Apr 2012
1104Update on IMO stability criteria discussions: revised proposals and expansion to cover other lifting operationsIMCA M 09/12Apr 2012
1107New Marine Safety Forum GuidelinesIMCA M 11/12May 2012
1106ILO Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006: Further guidance for membersIMCA M 10/12May 2012
1111IMO Revised Recommendations for Entering Enclosed Spaces Aboard ShipsIMCA M 12/12May 2012
1113Dynamic Positioning Training Executive Group (DPTEG)IMCA M 13/12Jun 2012
1128Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)IMCA M 15/12Aug 2012
1127IMO 2008 Special Purpose Ships (SPS) Code - Unified InterpretationsIMCA M 14/12Aug 2012
1129IMO Review of Offshore Training Recommendations - Feedback RequiredIMCA M 16/12Aug 2012
1130ILO MLC, 2006 - Entry into force August 2013IMCA M 17/12Aug 2012
1131Diving on offshore renewable energy projects: Regulations and guidanceIMCA M 18/12Aug 2012
1132Surface swimmersIMCA M 19/12Aug 2012
1138SMSC/DNV SeaSkill training and certification scheme for DP operatorsIMCA M 21/12Sep 2012
1142Marine Technology Society Guidance DocumentsIMCA M 22/12Oct 2012
1144Voyage Data Recorder InformationIMCA M 23/12Oct 2012
1149New IMO Energy Efficiency Requirements - 1 January 2013IMCA M 24/12Dec 2012