Briefing Archive: 2013

1156Dynamic Positioning Training Executive Group (DPTEG)IMCA M 02/13Jan 2013
1158Evaluation of lifeboat hooksIMCA M 03/13Jan 2013
1159DPTEG meeting minutesIMCA M 04/13Feb 2013
1165Training and certification scheme for DP operatorsIMCA M 06/13Mar 2013
1169The inspection and auditing of manned and unmanned bargesIMCA M 07/13May 2013
1171Global navigation satellite systems: Availability during increased sunspot activityIMCA M 08/13May 2013
1173Temporary installation of equipment on board DNV-classed vesselsIMCA M 09/13May 2013
1176Revision of the Nautical Institute dynamic operator training and certification schemeIMCA M 10/13Jun 2013
1178Competence assurance and assessment for freelance personnelIMCA M 11/13Jun 2013
1180Revision of the Nautical Institute dynamic operator training and certificationIMCA M 12/13Jun 2013
1184New proposals on CO₂ emissions from shipsIMCA M 14/13Jul 2013
1183ILO Maritime Labour Convention (MLC, 2006): Advice on EnforcementIMCA M 13/13Jul 2013
1188Fraudulent dynamic positioning (DP) timeIMCA M 15/13Jul 2013
1190Dynamic positioning scheme - information to the industryIMCA M 16/13Oct 2013
1195Implementation of changes to the Nautical Institute DPO Training and Certification SchemeIMCA M 18/13Dec 2013
1194Development of Det Norske Veritas Recommended Practice for DPO CertificationIMCA M 17/13Dec 2013
1198Guidelines for offshore marine operationsIMCA M 19/13Dec 2013
1199New security training for seafarers - 1 January 2014IMCA M 20/13Dec 2013
1200Intact stability for anchor handling and lifting operations: Latest IMCA proposalsIMCA M 21/13Dec 2013