Briefing Archive: 2014

1203Marine Division documents issued in 2013IMCA M 01/14Jan 2014Withdrawn
1207The Nautical Institute DP Operator Training and Certification SchemeIMCA M 02/14Jan 2014Withdrawn
1210Dynamic Positioning Training Executive Group minutesIMCA M 03/14Feb 2014Withdrawn
1218DNV-GL recommended practiceIMCA M 04/14May 2014
1219GLONASS constellation issuesIMCA M 05/14May 2014
1226Guidelines for offshore marine operationsIMCA M 06/14Jul 2014
1228Design of multi-layer winch systemsIMCA M 07/14Jul 2014
1231Dynamic Positioning Training Executive Group (DPTEG)IMCA M 08/14Aug 2014Withdrawn
1233Update on the use of armed guards in Nigerian watersIMCA M 09/14Aug 2014
1235Enclosed space entry: New IMO requirements for training and drillsIMCA M 10/14Aug 2014
1240Ebola virusIMCA M 11/14Oct 2014
1241Ebola virus - 'Staying Safe' video availableIMCA M 12/14Nov 2014
1244Ebola virus app launchedIMCA M 13/14Dec 2014
1246Dynamic positioning operator training and certification updateIMCA M 15/14Dec 2014
1245Draft US Regulations on Dynamic Positioning (DP)IMCA M 14/14Dec 2014