Marine DP Committee

The Marine DP Committee co-ordinates Marine Division work items relating to dynamic positioning, with the following objectives:

  • Monitor, identify and implement (new) industry requirements for DP guidance
  • Provide expert advice to the secretariat when developing new and reviewing existing DP related IMCA documents
  • Provide expert advice to the secretariat during representation of the association with other organisations
  • Provide input to DP workshops at IMCA events
  • Review draft DP documents on behalf of the Marine Division Management Committee and prior to industry-wide consultation
  • Participate in new DP related initiatives
  • Advise on further improvement to the IMCA DP station keeping reporting scheme.

The committee chairman is John de Hartog of Saipem; the vice-chairman is Harry Verhoeven of Kongsberg Maritime.

DP Practitioner Accreditation Scheme
IMCA’s DP practitioner accreditation scheme aims to improve the consistency, conduct and quality of DP trials by setting a recognised level of knowledge for DP practitioners working in the industry. Details of the scheme are available here.

IMCA DP Webinar: Safety Aspects of Marine Hybrid Technology | 1 July 2020
On 1 July 2020 the IMCA Marine DP Committee organised a webinar on ‘Safety Aspects of Marine Hybrid Technology’ covering the following topics: hybrid technology, lithium ion batteries, thermal runaway and graphene lithium ion batteries. The slides of the presentation (which includes a video in slide 14) can be accessed here.