Marine Personnel

IMCA Marine Division helps members ensure the availability of personnel with the necessary skills and training to support the industry’s global operations.

The maritime sector is subject to a multitude of regulations, with a wealth of guidance, documentation and certification schemes available. IMCA helps identify aspects relevant to its members’ operations – which are diverse and often very specialised – and brings together their collective expertise to develop additional guidance where appropriate.

Competence Assurance & Assessment

The IMCA competence assurance and assessment framework helps marine contractors to ensure and demonstrate that their personnel are competent for the safety-critical roles they fulfil and takes advantage of existing regulatory or other industry training and certification to do so.

Training for Marine Personnel

IMCA also help members identify appropriate training, including that offered in line with IMO requirements for maritime personnel. Where relevant and useful to members, training guidance specific to the marine contracting sector is developed and published

DP Practitioner Accreditation Scheme

IMCA’s DP practitioner accreditation scheme aims to improve the consistency, conduct and quality of DP trials by setting a recognised level of knowledge for DP practitioners working in the industry.

Details of the scheme are available here.