DP Practitioner Accreditation Scheme

IMCA’s DP practitioner accreditation scheme has the following aims:

  • To set a recognised level of knowledge for DP practitioners working in the industry;
  • To improve the consistency, conduct and quality of DP trials.

Two categories of people are eligible for accreditation:

  • A DP Trials and Assurance Practitioner, i.e. an individual actively involved in producing, witnessing and assessing the results of DP Failure Modes and Effects Analysis proving trials and DP annual trial programmes; and
  • A company DP Authority, i.e. the responsible individual for a vessel operator or end charterer for managing DP trials and assurance processes.

Accreditation Benefits

There are several benefits of becoming an accredited DP Trials and Assurance Practitioner or company DP Authority.

Firstly, you will be recognised by the industry and your peers for achieving the accreditation standard.  As an accredited individual, you will receive an electronic certificate to recognise your achievement, which can be downloaded and printed for display purposes.

Once you have achieved accredited status, you can state that you are ‘IMCA accredited’.

You will receive a dated plastic photo ID card, which can be used to verify your identity and accreditation.  The date on your card will reflect the anniversary of your accreditation date.

DP vessel operators and their clients will benefit in the knowledge that the person charged with providing assurance during DP trials and those managing DP operations in their own organisations are accredited to a recognised level.

Accreditation Process

The accreditation process can be summarised as follows:

  1. Application process (application form, code of conduct, terms & conditions, payment)
  2. Meet the entry level criteria (qualifications, training and experience)
  3. Sit an examination consisting of eight modules
  4. On successful completion of the examination, a certificate is issued
  5. Re-validation process (criteria, evidence expectations and payment)

Accreditation Scheme Examinations

Once the application criteria is successfully met, the examination can be scheduled.

Examinations are held around the world.  IMCA has established arrangements with venues in hub cities and liaises with relevant organisations in other locations as required to identify venues which are convenient for candidates.

The examination is electronically delivered and consists of eight modules (Code of conduct, IMCA guidance documents, DP control systems, DP power systems, thrusters and thruster control, DP documentation, IMCA M 190, DP Scenarios).  The examination is in the format of multiple choice and each module will consist of a randomised set of questions from a large question pool.

A list of exam dates and locations, and provisional exam dates and locations, can be found here.

Accreditation Verification

A list of successful applicants and those with expired accreditation will be maintained by IMCA.  To verify an accreditation certificate, please contact the IMCA Certification Team.

Accreditation Fees

Initial Application £ 550.00
Revalidation Annual Fee £ 125.00

Additional costs including, but not limited, to travel, accommodation and subsistence shall be at the candidate’s expense.

Download your Application Pack

You can download your application pack, specific to the category you would like to apply for, below:

All applications must be submitted electronically. We no longer accept paper applications. Applications can be sent via email to accreditation@imca-int.com.

If you have any further questions on the DP Practitioner Accreditation Scheme, please email IMCA at accreditation@imca-int.com.

Further Information

Full details can be found in our DP Accreditation Scheme documents: