Our Industry – Remote Systems & ROV

Oceaneering International

Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) perform a variety of important functions offshore during the exploration, development, and production phases. They are equipped with sophisticated camera and imaging systems, sensors, and manipulators for conducting work in extreme water depths.

These underwater robotic vehicles are launched from a support vessel and ‘flown’ by the support crew via a control umbilical which provides power and telemetry. ROVs are very complex, often weighing several tonnes, and the technological and engineering inventory is considerable.

ROVs can carry out a wide range of construction support tasks, such as connecting pipelines and control umbilicals to operating valves and assisting in lifting operations. Water depth is no longer a limitation, with most commercial work class ROVs rated to 3,000 water depth and many to 4,000 metres. Today, ROVs are operating underwater around the globe 24/7.